London in Slow Motion with Dotmaker Tours

You don’t necessarily think of London, or most cities, when you think of slow motion.  That is the first great appeal of Dotmaker Tours’ newest walk, London in Slow Motion.

When I recently joined a group to do this new tour, we really were made to think about going slowly in a fast-paced world.  We found ourselves down snickets we had never noticed before, or in squares and church yards where time did feel like it had stood still.  We ourselves stood still and silently in ridiculously busy, ever-revolving roundabouts such as Trafalgar Square, and were made to ponder certain slow changes which might take centuries to happen.  From busy shopping areas, we would turn a corner and find the narrowest alleyway in London.  You might also be surprised at how many real, working gas lamps are in WC2.

I won’t reveal too much about the tour (you’ll have to go on one yourself) but I will post some photographs I took when I went on London in Slow Motion along with ‘Dotmaker Rosie’, some familiar repeat walkers and some new ones.  You can always click on a photo if you want to see it bigger.  What is so nice is that, choosing a tour like this, you inevitably end up strolling around with like-minded types, which makes it a great social event quite apart from the walking and learning itself.

Shameless plug alert!  If you are reading this when I first post it, you can catch the next London in Slow Motion tour this Saturday 12th October 2013 at 11am.  Go to this page for more details and to book, or you could be spontaneous and risk just turning up on the day.

At any other time, please check out the Dotmaker Tours website to see what is coming up next, and to book.

Just to say, this is not a sponsored post, I do not receive money for saying nice things about Rosie or her walks, I truly recommend them and as long as that thoughtful tour guide devises new and original walks, I will continue to go on them in and around our wonderful capital!

And if, like me, you find yourself wanting to know more about gas lighting in London, drop on by to this great link at which will tell you a lot more about gas lamps and lighting in London.  See, it’s not just me.

4 thoughts on “London in Slow Motion with Dotmaker Tours

    1. Thanks Ad! Yes, next time you are in London, make sure you look this up! Yes, well spotted, that is Laura, she doesn’t live in London now but she made the escape for the afternoon to join us.

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