Las chicas de Caffè Nero, Cowcross Street


My year of working in Farringdon is drawing to a close.

Two more sleeps and, more importantly, only two more skinny caffè lattes from these wonderful ladies in the local Caffè Nero.

I do implore you, if you are ever in the area and in the market for some (de)caffeinated hot drink or other, you must pop in to see Lidia and Sara in the Caffè Nero Express branch in Cowcross Street (left out of the tube station or right out of the rail station). Go tomorrow or Friday, otherwise Sara will have moved branch (lucky Edinburgh!), but don’t worry, Lidia will see you right. I can’t believe she has the same name as my daughter and I only recently found this out! Also, they only get good staff here – before Sara arrived, a lovely Italian man used to make the coffee (I didn’t know his name but he was also a darling).

If you’ve gone as far as Costa Coffee you are definitely heading in the wrong direction. If you see the nearby Pret A Manger, keep on walking.

You will not get a better reception anywhere than from this Caffè Nero Express. On many a morning the thought of seeing these ladies got me out of bed and into work and every day they have made me smile. Most people like me are regulars and have been served before they have even ordered.

Dear Caffè Nero, I don’t think you are still operating your ‘Stars’ scheme to award good team members, but please will you do something nice to let Lidia and Sarah know just what chicas fantasticas they are. I have tried to tell them but I think it would come better from you – a little payrise or a bonus would be brilliant.

Gracias, chicas, por el café y las risas.


The real address for this Caffe Nero is Farringdon NE, Warwick House EC1M 6EG. Please do go, and tell them I sent you (you will have to describe me – be kind).


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