Hello!  Welcome!

Thank you for dropping by my little bloggette.

Hattydaze tells some of my stories based around the things I see and hear as I go about my day.  I started blogging in June 2011 and had no idea then if I would write more than one post, but as long as I derive some sort of pleasure from it, I’m still here, in one form or another.

I am mad about the theatre and some of my reviews are posted on the Ginger Wig and Strolling Man theatre blog.  I review a lot of shows with my children so if you would like us to come and see your show and let you know what we think of it, do get in touch. They are 10 and 11 years old, and I am, well a lady never discloses her age.

You will soon see that I am mainly interested in music, photography, film (especially the local New Cross and Deptford Free Film Festival for which I am a volunteer), arts and culture and London (particularly South East). As well as theatre, I review shows and exhibitions I have seen with the kids, or without them, and often write about and photograph the fantastic things that go on in my local community.

I do stuff in the day time (sometimes people even pay me to) and in my spare time, I am a dj playing the music I love (especially on vinyl) to like-minded people – even if they are ‘middle-aged’ like we are (whatever that means).  My husband and I (and other members of the gang) moonlight as a music-playing troupe called Dino Collective (that blog is here), and my favourite spin-off night at the moment which I do with the fun-loving Capture Arts is called ‘We Do Good…’ and is a perfect combination of a retro film screening plus disco night at a local night spot.  We generally like to keep it local but you might be interested to hear that in April 2015 we took a 70’s party in a suitcase to Bordeaux, France. You can find out more here. You can hire us for your own party, or you can just find out more about us at the Dino Collective blog or on our Facebook page.

You can also read a bit more about me on an interview I did for the Little London Observationist.  You can find the link here.

My articles have appeared in London blogs Dulwich OnViewAround DulwichFree Film FestivalsTrinity Laban and Broke in London.

Thanks for coming by, do say hello when you get here.  A bit like one of our parties, a blog is much more fun when it’s not just me dancing around on my own in a big echoing room.

You can also send me an email to hatty.uwanogho@gmail.com.

Oh, and here we all are.  We try to do the same poses as each other at all times.

M & L H & D

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