Blooming London

Haven’t you noticed?  London is blooming lovely at the moment.  I can’t help but notice that a lot of public flowers are on show.  Loads hanging in baskets outside pubs.  Some are hanging next to patriotic flags and mixing in with the bunting.  Some just in the streets (I particularly love the ones in Greenwich), and let’s not forget around the public conveniences, precious few that still exist.  I’m not sure if it is Olympics/Paralympics related, or whether it just happens every summer.  Maybe I just happen to pass some spectacular pubs on my way about town.  Whatever the reason, you can now trace my steps and see some of my favourites pubs and streets in bloom.  Do stop by to tell me which are your favourites, or please do send me a photo of your blooming lovely local.

Next time we do the walk together, let’s pop into each establishment for a little livener.  Or if you can’t wait for that, see what other people think of these pubs at Beer in the Evening.

Just be careful, if  you read too closely, as you might find that some of the pubs are prettier on the outside than they are on the inside.


6 thoughts on “Blooming London

  1. Your photo’s are super.

    London is looking lovely. I don’t live in London but had a meeting at London Bridge last week. It was such fun spending time amongst the tourists enjoying the atmosphere. Everyone was so friendly too.

    Well done London 🙂

    1. Thanks Lesley, I agree, we’ve put on a good show this summer. Londoners, friendly??! These are just a few of the pubs I’ve passed but I’ll keep an eye out to see if they remain as gorgeous into autumn.

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