Paint my Panda murals in Peckham

Off Rye Lane, behind the Peckhamplex cinema, underneath the railway arches, by the side of the Bussey Building.

There’s no official name for this alley way that I can find on a map (please comment if you know different).  Before its transformation, residents complained about it and did not feel safe walking down there.

But there’s now something quite special if you walk along there (if you like that sort of thing – which I obviously do).

Paint my Panda is an arts company set up by Claire Rye which specialises in graffiti and community arts projects.  She was asked to join a project in June of this year by the charity Sustrans (a sustainable transport charity) and artist Alex McClelland.  It was part of a larger project called Pocket Places Peckham, which runs over two years and aims to breathe new life into the underused spaces and places along Peckham Rye.  Amongst other activities, they planted the trees outside the cinema and painted the roads with blue diagonal lines.

You can get the whole story about what happened in June in Claire’s blog here. Peckham-themed murals were painted at each end of the alley, and local artists represented the different communities of Peckham on their own stretch of wall or fence. Claire also introduced sugar paint into her workshops for the first time, which is a spray point made from sugar cane and, in Claire’s words, ‘a good step towards an environmentally friendly paint’.

The finished murals are below and, as the street sweeper agreed, they definitely make that walkway a lot brighter.

Click on any of the photos to see them in full size.


What do you think? Is this an improvement or even more of an eyesore?

You can follow Paint my Panda here: and Pocket Places Peckham here:



6 thoughts on “Paint my Panda murals in Peckham

  1. In my opinion, Its an improvement! 👍 I would love to walk through there! But this is coming from someone who generally loves a lot of colors. 🙂

  2. We call the area outside the cinema Moncrieff Place as that is what Elaine the Market Trader calls it and she has been working on that pitch for many years. I often use it to mean the alleyway too. So glad that you like the work, this was one of hte most popular pieces across all the four Pocket Places! Thanks for a great article.

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