My Sunday Photo – seagull in flight

We’ve just spent a great week in Suffolk, based in Aldeburgh. You can’t go to Aldeburgh and not meet a seagull or two on one of your exceedingly pleasing beach-side walks.  You almost have to duck out of their way when the fishing boats come in with their wares.

IMG_5052 (2)




9 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – seagull in flight

  1. Hey Hattie

    I love your Sunday pics and have always followed them since leaving Habitat in 2011. Can’t believe you were in Aldeburgh last week as we were too !! We stayed in Harvey House right on the front on Cragg Path. As soon as I saw the pic before reading where it was I knew instantly. Great pics, keep them coming Thanks Louise x

    1. Hi Louise what a coincidence! We were staying in Cragg Path too! Lovely to hear from you, and so nice that you like my Sunday pics (I’ve missed out a few weeks but today I’m back!) Hatty x

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