My Sunday Photo – tudor time warp

This week I was the lucky parent who got to go on the Year 5 school trip to the Tower of London.  It was freezing, it even snowed on the way there, and there was precious little inside time. However it was fascinating and the off-season timing meant that there were fewer people milling around than you would normally expect to find at this perennially popular tourist attraction.  My favourite photos are the ones where you can almost imagine you are back in tudor times.  I don’t remember this from when I last visited (many moons ago) but I loved seeing tudors strolling around in full costume of the era. They spoke back to you in olde English if you were brave enough to speak to them (which we were, of course).


You also see lots of yeoman warders (commonly known as beefeaters, a term which apparently they object to) and guards, and we also spotted the Raven Master, though he looked terrifyingly unapproachable, and certainly wouldn’t have allowed a photograph.



8 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – tudor time warp

    1. No, photography was fine apart from in a few special places like the White Tower and where the Crown Jewels are. It was just the Raven Master who was quite scowly and did not want to engage with the public. However, I guess it is a rather important role, responsibility for these royal ravens!

  1. You may be interested to to know that they average 1000 organised school trip children every day- each one carefully processed to ensure a successful visit- behind the scenes they all work incredibly hard- the site is quite small and it takes untold skill to achieve the high standards expected and delivered.

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