My Sunday Photo – Harlequin Building

It was a lucky chance. I had a few minutes to spare on the first snow day of the year, a cold sleety evening, when I came across the Harlequin Building on Southwark Street.

Quite a few photos later, my hands had almost frozen, but it was worth it for the effect of the multi-coloured lights in the windows on the wet pavements.

Nobody else was gawping at the pretty reflections so I think the building has been like this for some time. Nonetheless it was a first view for me, and on a wet day it was the perfect time to see it.




8 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Harlequin Building

  1. That’s awesome – it looks like a disco in the street!
    Feel free to add to to my linky #CheckOutThatView too – I’ve just relaunched after a break last year. x

    1. I agree. I think that’s why I liked it! I couldn’t believe why nobody else was dancing though 😉 I will check out your linky (and your view). Thanks for commenting x

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