UncommonGoods – my top picks

UncommonGoods is an online retailer based in New York with a massive selection of products on offer. A lot of what they sell is perfect for gifts and they asked me to pick a few of my favourites.

Before getting to the actual products, I already like the sound of the company. UncommonGoods the company has integrity, both in its efforts to sell sustainable products, but also to be good to its employees. How can you not like a company whose mission statement includes treating its employees with dignity and respect? Alongside paying them a fair wage, and offering health insurance to all their full time (and some of their part time) staff?  The company is also committed to not selling products which do harm to people or animals – ideally their products are recycled, handmade, organic and/or not containing feathers, fur or leather.

Although it’s too late for Christmas shopping, they do ship most things to the UK (it is clearly marked if not) and I recommend you have a look next time you are in the market for some gift buying. Below are a few fun items that I picked out.

First of all, I had a look for some goodies I could buy for a woman.  Hey, I know some of these could equally be valid for a man, but it can help to categorise sometimes. If you know me, you know I am very fond of my glasses, and proud of being a spectacles-wearer. This necklace of a miniature pair of bronze glasses, handmade in Austin, Texas, really caught my eye:eyeglassesEyeglasses Charm Necklace £41.18

I’m also tickled by these hidden animal mugs. I’m a Brit, I’m obsessed with tea, so what?! Just imagine inviting your neighbours round for tea and serving them a slice of Victoria Sponge, then waiting for them to get half way through their first cup of tea to find a fox or a bear looking up and out at them.


Hidden Animal Mugs £21.45 (sold separately)

You can buy some pretty good birthday gifts at UncommonGoods too.  How cute is this whole range of Maki Socks, whose presentation alone made me fall for them. They come in a variety of sushi designs, such as the tuna pictured here, and when rolled they look good enough to eat.maki-socksMaki socks – tuna £10.30

UncommonGoods sells a large selection of homewares too.  Being an amateur DJ and vinyl freak, it’s no surprise to learn that I love the fun doormats which can even be personalised with your favourite album or mix:

Personalized Mixtape Doormat £32.60 and Personalized Record Doormat £30.03

On the personalised front (and excuse me for using my English spelling, but remember to use the American spelling if you are searching on UncommonGoods website), there are some fantastic personalised wedding gifts which can be tailored to the happy couple, for example this Map of Our Hearts. You might think this is cheesy – I think it is great!  You customise it with a map of where the two halves of the couple come from, and you end up with a piece of romantic wall art, like this one:


Map of Our Hearts £111.53

So there you have some of my top picks.  I hope I have inspired you to take a look at UncommonGoods, the next time you are looking for something that little bit uncommon. Whether you are after gifts, home decor or jewellery, they really sell some unusual, unique and very quirky product which you might not have seen elsewhere.

This is a sponsored post with UncommonGoods.


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