My Sunday Photo – fog

I haven’t seen such fog in years. We were up on Blackheath yesterday morning for football, which was a perfect place to admire the fog. There was little visibility, the colours were subdued and normal things like grasses by the side of the road and lampposts looked eerie and beautiful.

This is All Saints’ Church looming out of the mist, heading towards the village.




8 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – fog

  1. I love reading your posts and seeing the pics which remind me of my life in London, in my youth, during the 70s. I now live in the township of Blackheath, Blue Mountains of New South Wales. We often get fog here. Look it up on Google Earth, a beautiful place : )

    1. How nice to hear from you, from another Blackheath very far away! I looked it up and it does indeed look very beautiful. I like the look of the Rhododendron Garden! Thank you for commenting and hope you continue to enjoy my posts.

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