Meet me in St Louis, film screening in St Catherine’s Church (9th December 2016)

The New Cross and Deptford Free Film Festival takes place in April/May, but this year the team has been involved in putting on some events and screenings out of the normal festival time. This year we had a collaboration with the BFI and showed ‘Babylon’ at the Job Centre pub back in August; then in October, Jacqui curated a whole season of films for Black History Month which were chosen by members of the public.  Last night we showed the Judy Garland 1944 classic ‘Meet me in St Louis’ in St Catherine’s Church to a festive crowd, and served mulled wine and beer, tea and mince pies.

Click on any photos to enlarge them.

The screening raised funds for next year’s festival, as well as for St Catherine’s Church and Telegraph Hill Centre. With big thanks to Reverend Sheridan James for loaning us the Church for the evening (and working at the box office, taking door money!), and to all the volunteers for setting up the technical side, the venue side and the bar side.  Above all, thanks to Jacqui for her vision of bringing Judy in glorious technicolour (and some pretty extraordinary dresses) to the big screen in the Church at Christmas time.

The New Cross and Deptford Free Film Festival is from 21st-30th April 2017 and we are holding planning meetings now. The next open meeting is on Monday 12th December 2016 at Deptford Lounge at 7.30pm. Bring ideas, films, venues and keenness.

There are several other free film festivals in the area and further afield. Watch out for Herne Hill’s 12 free films of Christmas, which have started already and play until 21st December. 


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