The Big Lunch (in the Church) 2016

This community comes in all shapes and sizes, nationalities, colours, faiths and non-faiths and sort-of faiths, and all ages. On Sunday we did not let the weather get us down, and we moved our annual Big Lunch into the Church. All of us – god-fearing, or not – welcome.

This could only happen because the Reverend Sheridan is delighted to let the community use the Church. She was visibly delighted on Sunday and I think we are lucky to be welcomed into that space so warmly by her when she might equally choose to turn us away.

I hope that the photos show just how well we mix and mingle together. My favourite moment of the day was when a member of JOY (Just Older Youth) jumped up onto a pew to dance wildly to the amazing grime artists (including local boy Blakie) who were practically bringing the steeples down. If you are interested in this scene, look out for  The Square, who are touring everywhere at the moment and did a live session with Annie Mac on Radio 1 yesterday. Just imagine this live in the Church, people!

The Square on Headliners, BBC Iplayer 14/06/16

As ever, the community was led by Stephen and Jacqui whose brain child this event is. They worked tirelessly to bring this year’s Big Lunch to you all.  The weather wasn’t as kind to us as it has been before, but fortunately we are bigger than that, and our spirits were not dampened (click on any photo to see it in a bigger size).

To look at sunnier Big Lunches gone by, here are some links: from 2015 and from 2014.

Come and join us next year, whatever the weather.





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