My Sunday Photo – secret garden

Yesterday we were at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich for a fantastic show at the Peter Harrison Planetarium which I will write about separately.  As I looked down from the Observatory into glorious lush greenery and rhododendrons, it struck me that I had never taken the children into the ‘secret garden’ which is located – well I wouldn’t like to say where, since it’s secret and all (but I have given you a clue already).

Considering that it is in the famous, royal Greenwich Park, which attracts millions of people every year, it is a surprisingly little known garden. It hardly seems to be mentioned on the official park website or map, despite the fact that it is the most beautiful and tranquil spot. As a child I used to play in there, although I don’t remember it even having a name then. Now it does have a name, which I might whisper to you later, but when we found it again yesterday, it was lovely to find it still devoid of hordes of tourists, just a few lucky people who know of its existence.

Can you see my two plotting together in the gap between branches in the photo?

observatory garden

I hope you enjoyed My Sunday Photo. If you promise to only tell a couple of really nice people, this secret garden is called Royal Observatory Garden. If you wind down from the most-photographed section of the Greenwich Meridian Line, on the lesser-taken path and not the steep hill which takes you down to Greenwich, you might even find it.



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