Above and Beyond, at the National Maritime Museum (review)

The National Maritime Museum has just opened a new interactive exhibition called Above and Beyond about flight and aerospace.  We went along last weekend to have a look, and had a very enjoyable time learning some fascinating facts and… flapping our wings about like crazy in the flight formation of birds.

Above and Beyond is a touring show designed in conjunction with NASA and Boeing, and it’s chock-full of visually-exciting interactive exhibits.  The flight simulator is so busy you really need to queue to get a go, but otherwise we tore around having a look at everything.  We learnt about the forces involved in flying (weight and drag) and about sonic shocks, and we saw models that showed great aeronautical design, but mostly the kids jumped into the booths and interacted directly with the digital technology which comes so naturally to them.

My favourite exhibit was the Marathon to Mars, which had amazing gesture recognition technology and provided every brave passenger with their own passport to Mars: “It’ll be waiting for you when there really is space travel to Mars”.  There’s something to look forward to!

This exhibition is great fun for curious kids and adults alike, and really sets off every one’s imagination about how design for space and space travel might be in the future. Who fancies being the first person to set foot on Mars…?


Above and Beyond is at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich until 29th August. Adult tickets £9, children’s tickets £6 (family tickets available). More details on the NMM website.

Disclosure: We were given free tickets to see Above and Beyond for the purpose of this review.  All opinions and photos are my own (trailer is copyright National Maritime Museum).


2 thoughts on “Above and Beyond, at the National Maritime Museum (review)

  1. We were thinking of seeing this tomorrow, I was searching for reviews and your site popped up! Nice surprise 😄

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