Blossom 2016

Cherry blossom has featured in these pages many times before.  You can read earlier posts like this one from 2013 and this one from 2014. I don’t like the phrase but I suppose I have a ‘thing’ about cherry blossom. I think it’s more weird when people don’t, when they seem to be able to walk down a street laden with blossom trees, about to drop, or already forming carpets of petals around their feet, and they don’t even look up or seem to notice them.  Now that the blossom has mostly passed, I am in my traditional mourning period before high summer comes and cheers me up again with its own special flowering. It’s time now for me to stop with the words. I’m hoping the photos will speak for themselves.

Where have you seen the best blossom this year?  South East London has been pretty good.

If you’re new here, you can click on any of the photos to see them larger.


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