My Sunday Photo – free outdoor film screening (NXDFFF16)

For the third year running I have been helping with the local free film festival (the New Cross and Deptford Free Film Festival, which is part of the Free Film Festivals family).  I get involved with the social media campaign, and I also co-ran and dj-ed at the launch party (we screened Spike Lee film Summer of Sam and did a 70’s disco afterwards). The festival has been going for 5 years and every year it has an outdoor screening in our local park which is powered by bikes.  Last night we showed Labyrinth (in honour of Bowie’s passing) and about 450 people turned up to join us.

It is a spectacular spot on a clear evening, which last evening fortunately was.  It’s not my cup of tea, film-wise, but you can’t argue with the special quality of this event.  When a community watches a free film together, well, it just has to be good for the soul. Especially as the cherry trees literally blossomed for us.

There will be more posts about the festival, so keep your eyes peeled For now, for this week’s ‘My Sunday Photo’, you get one photo of Jennifer Connelly doing her 80’s thing in the labyrinth of the Goblin King – against one pretty awesome backdrop in leafy South East London.

IMG_0408 (2)



Tonight is the last night of this year’s Festival and we close with a screening of Rubble Kings, plus dj sets from Keith Yearsley and Ross Allen. More here:



6 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – free outdoor film screening (NXDFFF16)

  1. One of my favourite childhood films! The term Deptford Free brought back a few memories for me too, we used to go to a music festival there in my youth! 😀

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