My Sunday Photo – Stik people

If you are interested in street art you will know the name Stik. He is a British graffiti artist whose art, predominantly of stick people, can be found on walls all over London and across Europe. Stik is responsible for UK’s biggest mural, ‘Big Mother’, which was 125 feet high and painted on one side of a condemned council estate in Acton. It symbolised the lack of social housing for those who are most in need. The art on the side of the Charles Hocking tower block can be seen from London flight paths. It is due to be demolished this year.

I wasn’t in West London this weekend, but on the South Bank. Stik originally painted this mural underneath the Hungerford Bridge at Waterloo in August 2013. It began as a row of his familiar stick people, in a simple black outline on a yellow background.  A few days later he returned to the wall but brought with him a group of amateurs who were asked to let loose and add clothes, colour, hair, accessories. It’s a lovely wall and, instead of just showcasing the work of Stik, it shows the results of the interactive, creative, communal experience of these local people.

I enjoyed seeing it as we walked along and thought you might too.






12 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Stik people

  1. I love your Sunday photos and your comments Hatty. They take me to another place. I live in Sydney Australia but spent some years in London in my youth and they turned out to be the best of my now long life. Thank you 🙂

  2. Love these and the story. So much better than the silent Sunday posts – the context makes it. Love you and your love of London xxx

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