My Sunday Photo – glockenspiel

This week’s photo shows my current highlight of the week.

It might sound silly to you but it is really important to me that we have a spangly new orchestra at my kids’ school, set up by two brilliant parents (who would rather call it a band). I am helping as one of the parent volunteers and I am loving it. We have violins, guitars, ukes, melodicas, drums, recorders, xylophones and the lovely glockenspiels (which is where I am helping).  For me it was an essential part of growing up, belonging to music-making groups (even if we weren’t musically great), and tinkling along on this little glockenspiel and helping the children to keep up just makes me feel happy.

Then there’s the bright yellow case and bright orange stick which makes you forget the early start.

And then there’s the bonus of me finally learning the difference between glockenspiels and xylophones (I always thought they were the other way around).



10 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – glockenspiel

  1. I used to love music class when I was at school, it is so so important for children to develop a love for music xx

  2. I have to google the 2 to know the difference haha. My son is 5 and is learning how to play the violin. I am not musical so seeing him play is amazing.

    Music is always nice to be a part of. I wish for more success to your new school band! #mysundayphoto

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