My Sunday Photo – quackers

I honestly can’t tell you if it was ducks or geese who were admiring their reflections at the Trinity Laban building in Deptford yesterday. They were very large, with orange eyes, and clearly did not know what to make of the external mirrored surface of the award-winning building.  They were quacking away as if they had never been there before, and as if they wanted to walk right through the window. We have never seen them there before (and we are there every weekend). The tide of Deptford Creek was very low (was this a factor?) but I do not know whether they were just having a gander at the dance school, or if they were doing something more particular. Whatever the reason, it was odd to see them there, but they posed nicely in our family portrait.


If anyone is more of an anatine expert (yes I had to look that up too), please comment with your knowledge of what type of species this is and what you think they were up to.  Otherwise, please just enjoy this week’s My Sunday Photo.

10 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – quackers

    1. Me too! These two were back again today! (it could be another two but I like to think it was the same pair). They have been gallivanting across the whole of south east London by the sounds of it.

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