My Sunday Photo – ballroom

My friend Bev is organising a big birthday at the Sheraton Park Lane Hotel and, as well as helping her with the party website, I am giving her some moral support. This week I accompanied her on a recce to the hotel, which is undergoing a massive renovation.  Bev is bonkers about ballroom dancing, performing and competing as well as watching. The ballroom is one of the spaces whose refurbishment looks to be complete. This was a test. Was the new and improved, art deco ballroom going to be all that she had hoped for? I think it passed.




10 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – ballroom

  1. That looks like a wonderful place to dance. I think I’d have done the same as your friend – I’m a dancer too, although modern jive and west coast swing rather than ballroom.

      1. It’s my dream to go back again and dance at Blackpool, which was amazing. Most of the ballrooms and dance halls are closing round near us. So sad

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