My Sunday Photo

After 186 weeks of Silent Sunday posts without a single interaction from the ‘host’, today I am joining a new group of Sunday photo-ers who appear from the outset to be friendly and welcoming.  I still enjoy the regular weekly posting of a photograph (particularly as it’s sometimes all I do post in a week) but I think I am going to like this challenge far better. I am even ‘allowed’ to use some words (but I won’t go overboard on that front).

So here’s my first Sunday photo, hopefully first of many. As you can probably see, this was taken in Ashland Place W1. It’s not often that I venture into the city these days, so here’s a photo to celebrate my continuing love of London W1. It’s just a backstreet, just behind Marylebone High Street, no flashy lights, still great though. Luckily London town knows my love is constant, even in my absence.




8 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo

  1. This is a great group! Comment on loads of photo’s and get the love back 🙂 I love this photo, London just has a smell and feeling like nowhere else. Whenever I am in London or see pictures I think of all the people that walked that road over so many hundreds of years 🙂 #mysundayphoto

    1. Thank you! I can feel the love already and it’s only my first hour! I agree about London and the smell and the history, especially in the quiet alleyways, the modern shopping streets change so often they try to make you forget the past. I’m going to look at more of the Sunday photos 🙂

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