Silent Sunday


Silent Sunday


4 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. Hello from Australia. I was a waitress at Asterix in the Kings Road where you ate as a kid. I was dating Don Henley from The Eagles for a while when they were there. I found you looking for the owner of Asterix, Chris Crocker. George was not the owner, he was the manager, an actor and a really nice guy. Asterix was one of the nicest places that I worked at in my youth. I was from Argentina and London was so amazing to me, so much happened to me there, then in 75 I came to Australia with my Australian boyfriend and here I remained. I am now 71 and would like Chris Crocker but I don’t know how. He was the best employer I ever had and I would like to say thank you to him.
    Thank you for your memories, which brought back so many of my own.

    1. Hi Julieta, it’s so great to hear from you. Wow, the link with the Eagles is interesting, especially with the recent sad news about Glenn Frey. I’ve never heard about Chris Crocker so it’s nice to find out a new part of this story. Hopefully he will find this post one day and see your nice words about him. Thank you for bringing your great memories. Bye for now Hatty

      1. Thank you for your reply Hatty. Just to add to your knowledge, The Eagles and other bands from America often stayed at a flat above the corner shop, then called Forbidden Fruit, which sold antique Afghani clothing and jewelry but the owner also had a big business importing illegal marihuana from there,so all the musicians used to come down to buy their dope. I worked at Forbidden Fruit during the day and Asterix most nights. It was all great fun although personally I was never into drugs and saw so much abuse by musicians and others. Keep on enjoying London, my favorite city in the whole world. Maybe Chris Crocker sold the business to George after I left. I lost touch.
        Julieta 🙂

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