Lisbon tiles

Just back from a week tile-watching in Lisbon.

I mean, working on a project (but the work photos can wait).

The tiles were the first thing I noticed about the city.

Tiles on exterior walls, ceilings and floors are not reserved for special places. They are everywhere in Lisbon. Shops, churches, restaurants, on dilapidated and elegant buildings alike. The tiles or azulejos have Arabic roots, but they also imitate the Roman mosaics and have been influenced by Spanish, Dutch and Brazilian cultures. Many have geometric designs, and many also depict historical scenes and religious events. They are clearly used for decorative reasons, but they also help to moderate temperature and keep out humidity.

Aside from the azulejos, I also enjoyed the floor tiles in different patterns which you find all over the city.

Below are some of my tile memories, all taken on my phone, from normal walks around the city, not from any special tours to tile museums (although these also exist).  My ’tile of the day’ kept changing but I do have a favourite from the week. Which one do you think it is?


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