Hattydaze turns 4

The day is almost over and I had almost forgotten: it’s the blog’s fourth birthday.

I knew today was a day to celebrate, the reason was just eluding me till I glanced at my Filofax and remembered (there’s nothing wrong with having a Filofax).

The blog still exists, it remains small and elite, with its own few precious followers, it grows in new and different ways, I hang on to it even though most of the time I am about 5 drafts behind my ideas and photographs.  It also competes with its new baby cousin which is also trying to find its feet: my new, recently launched business site Urban Murmur. For now I am still more comfortable posting here but do go on over there to have a look!

If I’d planned this better I could have at least found a photograph of something or somebody who was actually four years old. But in the time available to me before this momentous day passes, I have dug out one of my favourite photos of the children, who are not 4 in it, but probably 5 and 3, and looking oh so much cuter then they do today in all their attitude and grownupness (how I miss them as four year olds, or even three and five year olds).

Thank you to anyone who has ever read or looked at a post here, or who has inspired or enabled one!

Happy 4 to hattydaze from me, its one sole author!  I wonder what the next year will bring.



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