Big Lunch outside the Hill Station, 7th June 2015

We don’t do things by halves, up on the Hill.

You possibly thought that last year’s Big Lunch was big, when 400 people gathered on Kitto Road, SE14, outside the Hill Station, to eat and be jolly together.  I know I thought it was.

On Sunday it was Big Lunch day again and, along with many other neighbourhoods in the area and across the country, we celebrated again. And it was Massive. At a safe estimate, there were 550 of us.  We had the weather on our side and, what with the closed road and over 20 stalls and a whole day’s entertainment to boot, people came and they stayed and they hung about in the sunshine and had a lovely time.

I did my small bit this year to help out with the communal effort, by helping organise what was happening on stage, and now I think I know how Bob Geldof (ok, maybe Midge Ure) must have felt 30 years ago when he was organising Live Aid. I’m so pleased we missed out the link up with Pennsylvania.

As it was we had a packed line-up of performers, bands, choirs, we had beatboxing, a stint of zumba, and we even got a sneak preview of the Lewisham Story Festival which happens in September.

For anyone who missed my squeaky attempts on the microphone (no I’m not doing that again) here’s the full line-up of performers. We thank you all!  There are photos of some of you below:

The Four Fathers, JOY (Just Older Youth) choir, The Teenage Men, The Pretty Boys, Bed by 10, The Wizard, Word of Life, The Grey Cats and the Buru Drummers.

It was a day of balloons and bunting, neighbours and flipping burgers, helping out and getting stuck in, and having a chat and a beer in the sun. Here’s to many more of these sunny neighbourhood days.

As ever, this street party would just not happen without Stephen and Jacqui of the Hill Station. They are selfless people who do much towards uniting the community in the area and we love them dearly!

Oh and can I just mention that we raised a whopping great £500 for the Nepal and Syrian refugees fund, by a collection from the stallholders, the sale of some t-shirts and a donation from the cafe.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. What a great place we live. If ever anyone wants to leave, I think they must be barmy.

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