Family Sharing on iOS8

You won’t usually find a techy part to this blog but when I was offered iTunes credit to try out a new feature, I couldn’t seem to say no.  Hence this post, written to celebrate the recent release of the Family Sharing function on the latest iOS8 update for iPhone and iPad.*

With Family Sharing, up to 6 people can share their iTunes music, movies, TV shows, books, apps and games, all together, all at the same time. It works only when all devices are updated to iOS8.  You can use different Apple IDs and passwords, but one credit card is used on all the shared accounts. Until the kids bring home some corn, I suppose that credit card will be mine…

The most relevant option for me is that as ‘organiser’ (sorry but I cannot allow the American spelling upon my page) I would get to approve every purchase that the children might wish to make, whether it is a free or a paid for application.  Assuming you own multiple devices amongst you, a notification appears on your device telling you a child wants to make a purchase on one of their devices and you choose to accept it or not.

Family Sharing also sets up a shared Photo Stream and shared Calendar, and allows shared location and shared Find my iPhone/iPad if you decide to enable it. asked us to set up a Family Playlist.  My kids were desperate to get involved with this.  No wonder.  I am usually whinging about their obsessions with Minecraft and Stampylongnose (I still have no idea who or what the latter is but I believe the two things are related) and telling them there isn’t any room on the iPad for other apps (not always the whole truth).  They are such hard done by children that they share an iPad with the rest of us but for the purposes of this I set them up with their own Apple IDs and asked for their requests from the iTunes store. I already had some great music-based ideas of my own.  And the hubby?  Well none of us approved of any of his choices, so between us we chose a family  movie that we could all enjoy.

Here’s our Family Playlist which we are going to really enjoy.  Can you match the person with the choice?

Home Design app

Epic Citadel app

The Amazing Spiderman 1 and 2

Aphex Twin Syro album

Alt-J This Is All Yours album

Now all that’s left is to give it a try yourselves. You can find out more by visiting
I’m off to boil the kettle and press play on The Amazing Spiderman bundle.

*Disclaimer: I was sent some credit by to spend on iTunes for the purposes of this post. All opinions are my own.


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