Blogiversary number 3

Well I never!  Three years ago I first posted on hattydaze with no idea of what was to come.

The best thing about having your own blog is that it doesn’t matter if you have no idea of what is to come, ever.

I would love to have the time and freedom to post more, to have a plan and be able to follow it through, but hell! with the limited time I have available I am just pleased I manage to continue it at all.

Has anything changed in the last year?

More and more, I post about the best bits of this little corner of London where I live. There is so much happening around here, it is hard to keep up with it all, let alone to manage to share any pictures or report back.  But I will continue to try – so stay tuned if you like stories and photos about London, especially my own special stomping ground.

Anyway, today is not just a blogiversary.  Can we also remember Hazel Nut. We didn’t know him when he was alive but when we found him dead this morning on the rug, Manny got upset and wrote this touching memorial. I don’t think he intended the pun that reads ‘Munched’ (presumably by the cats).  Also I wouldn’t quite trust the number of ‘ogo’s in his own surname.

A Memorial

Thanks to anyone who ever read or shared a post. And here’s to absolutely loads more (but no more dead mice).



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