Big Lunch at the Hill Station, 1st June 2014

Stephen and Jacqui did it again.

They enlisted the aid of friends and neighbours and put on an amazing Big Lunch last Sunday at the Hill Station.

The Big Lunch began in 2009, an idea by the Eden Project for neighbours to get together to eat and be merry together.  It is now an annual event which happens throughout the UK.

Outside the Hill Station Stephen and Jacqui didn’t just get the council to close the road, or provide some long tables for people to sit together.

Oh no!

They organised a whole afternoon of live bands, barbecue, zumba fitness, djs, as well as the long tables for communal eating and chatting.

The Hill Trader shop which is usually inside the Hill Station moved to stalls outside to sell their goods, and Grow Wild encouraged us to plant sunflower seeds, which will be planted in the area for their Sunflowers for Change in New Cross project.

They even got Let’s Roll skate group over from their home in East London to set lots of young, would-be skaters off in their first ever roller disco.  The music (and the bubble machine) were powered of course by humans riding bicycles or winding up the bubble machine – courtesy of Electric Pedals who you will remember from the recent New Cross + Deptford Free Film Festival.

The weather was kind to us.  But without the amazing community spirit that you get on Telegraph Hill and its environs (I’ve talked about it before) you would never get such a great and harmonious turnout.  Over 400 neighbours thought it was a good idea and joined in with the fun on this sunny Sunday.  I can bet that a large proportion of them went home like me, feeling a lovely happiness about the place where they live.

Big thanks to all the volunteers who made the day such fun – particularly as ever to Stephen and Jacqui for making it happen in the first place.

See the website for more details about the Big Lunch.  We are already looking forward to next year.

Spot yourself or a friend in the photos?

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