Fun at the Big Red Pizza Bus

We had such a fun lunch time at the Big Red Pizza Bus this weekend.

I mean, how can you argue with its proposition: fresh pizza, served on a real (docked) London bus, with free kids’ cinema thrown in.

With efficient friendly service, play time swinging from the bars on the bus (ok that was mainly the kids and obviously can only be done if it’s not too busy), good pizzas and coffees and local ale, we were already happy. Ice cream with sprinkles for the kids only made things better, and they were very diligent about colouring in a poster of the bus to put up on the wall.

But when you get to watch a film in the container out the back too, and for no extra price, you really do get that ‘feel good’ feeling. I’ve watched a film in the mini cinema before, of course, on the first night of the New Cross + Deptford Free Film Festival, and Lydia has also been there before for a friend’s party (it’s a great place for a kids’ party).  But at lunch time yesterday we were the only ones in there and got the pick of the seats.  This was a very exclusive showing of the Lorax. We even had a visit from our lovely Yorkshire waitress asking if we wanted any drinks.

The Big Red shows free kids’ films on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. They also show adults’ films (and do comedy nights and all sorts) so you need to check their websitetweet them or use the old dog and bone to check which events are on. They are a friendly lot!  Booking a table through their website is also easy.

If you haven’t been, definitely go if you are in the area (in case you hadn’t heard, Deptford is cool now) and if you have to travel to get here, I still heartily recommend it.  Finally, you can get your turn to sit in the bus driver’s seat.


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