Siblings – May

Like nothing else, the Siblings monthly post reveals that the year is flying past like a high speed train.

I look around me, go to sleep and get up a few times, and it’s time for the next Siblings entry again.

Already we are building up a lovely picture of the changing seasons and habits, as well as the relationship between the children.

In January the kids were snuggling under a blanket watching something on the box.

In February it was time for Manny’s birthday cake, and we were inside, with dressing gown and hoodies very much in evidence.

Phew! In March we got outside and skipped through the daffodils and again in April we were out and about in the flower beds and playing in the park.

So it’s May already and this weekend saw a real burst of hot weather, so we are definitely out and about more than we are inside.

In the first bank holiday the kids had a great time having a go at street art (ie basically being let loose with spray cans at Breakin’ Convention Park Jam).

And this weekend we played in Grandma’s garden and then out on the ‘beach’ (ie the Thames foreshore) with the city in the background.

You can see other May Siblings posts at the link-up shared here by the Real Housewife of Suffolk blog.  You can even join in yourself until 24th May so you’d better hop to it.

dear beautiful


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