The Boy with the Big Brown Eyes (7 today!)

Girls.  Women.  Especially Grandmas.  Watch out.  This young man knows how to play you.  He knows what he wants and he knows how to get it.

(Does it work on men?  I don’t think so.  I’m not sure.  Not so obviously, that’s for sure.  Feedback always welcome).

He bats those eyelids, looks at you innocently with the big brown eyes, asks you how your day was, says you look beautiful, is polite and charming and well-mannered (calls me ‘Mama’ in that exact endearing way that he knows works on me).  And once he has secured the sweets or the go on the Playstation or the phone or whatever, he will drop you.

He is dangerous!  He knows he is doing it!  I think he has always known how to do it!  I just warn you now, as writing it down might help me with the curse and make me stronger at resisting his requests.  Oh it’s so hard!

But today it is his birthday.  My baby is 7!  How on earth did that happen?  Amazing that the baby days are so long ago now.

Today he will get to play his favourite game and have all sorts of treats (as he is a darling boy really and deserves a nice birthday).  Happy birthday Manny!  I am excited too that it’ll soon be time for you to wake up and open your presents, and for us to have a family outing together.

But come Monday I will be all strictness and boundaries (ahem) and I must must MUST remember to not look into those beautiful big brown eyes.


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