Princetastic week #wheresprince

You know, Prince and I have loads in common.

I know you are going to start guffawing about our being the same height (wrong: Prince is 5’2, I can only be 5’1 at most), or both liking purple.

I certainly don’t walk in high heels the way he does and I don’t play the air guitar even a millionth as well as he plays the real guitar.

But we practically have the same taste.

First of all I was more than excited last year when he presented Gotye with the Grammy award for Record of the Year, saying ‘I love this record’ (so did I, as you might remember from the blog in 2012).  Gotye was pretty keen on ‘the man in the cape’ too, and looked suitably honoured to be given the award by him.

Secondly, Prince likes New Girl.  In fact he apparently only watches two programmes – the News and New Girl.  I am not so mad about the News but I like to say I only watch two programmes (next thing you know, Prince will be getting into the Mentalist).

I love New Girl.  It is my favourite thing on telly and does my favourite thing of making me laugh and cry at the same time. But being a normal kind of person I just love to watch it.  Prince being Prince loved New Girl so much that he phoned up Zooey Deschanel and asked to be on it. So I got a teensy bit excited when my big step sis alerted me to the fact that Prince was going to be in my favourite show, and that he was going to get right into the Jess and Nick relationship (basically the main storyline about the two main guys of the show not admitting their true feelings for each other).


The episode was a pretty big deal in the US where it showed after the Super Bowl this weekend.  Like most sensible Brits, the Super Bowl means very little to me apart from controversies over the years including Janet Jackson’s nipple that I don’t wish to research now, thanks all the same. But, now that both Prince and New Girl are involved, I am interested.

I haven’t seen the full episode yet, I have been waiting for you lot to get here so we can watch it together. Comfortable?  Cup of tea ready?  If you read the link below it should also take you to the episode:

Prince in New Girl

(21 minutes later).  Brilliant, isn’t it?

It is not just this episode of New Girls which makes this week a princetastic week.  He apparently landed in London TODAY to announce his new ‘Hit and Run’ tour with female backing trio 3RDEYEGIRL.  More bizarrely, apparently,  he took Lianne La Havas up on her jokey offer to announce the tour from her place.  She is a British singer/songwriter who met Prince and got on well with him (well obviously) and has jammed with him before. Twitter is keeping me up to date with the various ideas about where and when the big announcement is going to happen.  There are #wheresprince tweets about spotting Prince hanging out at the Whitgift Centre (Lianne is from Croydon) or having a kebab in Leyton (Lianne lives in Leyton).  My favourite comedy moments are coming from the fact that Prince Charles is touring the floods in Somerset, which is a reminder to always be careful with your hashtags.

The latest news is that he is at the Electric Ballroom and playing a couple of numbers before the announcement.  Come on Prince, what are you doing?  Wherever you are, we are all waiting!

I was going to tell you about my own experiences of seeing Prince play live but the suspense is too much.  If, as the LATEST news suggests (see below – I am no good at live-blogging!) and the dates are all at the Electric Ballroom (which fits 1000 people only) then it is going to be a mad scrum for tickets (sigh).  For now I will just keep re-watching New Girl and looking out for more things that we have in common…

Latest news on Prince tour


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