Siblings – January

Last year I enjoyed checking in on the Me and Mine project, run by Dear Beautiful and other family bloggers, who took a family photograph of their own family every month of the year.  But knowing how rare it is to get a picture of the 4 of us together, and taking all of the photos myself with quite normal length arms, no tripod and no fancy remote control, I resigned myself to just looking and enjoying.

But that was then!  This year the same guys are running a new project on a new family theme – but this one grabbed me straight away.  Siblings!  It is like they designed something especially with me in mind.  I love to photograph my kids together.  Of course I do, it documents the amazing close relationship that they have, and shows off the two things I am most proud of in this life.

When the children were babies and then toddlers I was free to photograph them as much as I liked (which was a lot).  Now they are 8 and almost 7, they have much more of a say in things (their say being generally ‘stop taking pictures, Mum’).  By joining in with the Siblings linky I hereby reclaim my right to photograph my kids.  So irritating at the time, yes I know dear children, but so brilliant to look back on over the years.  They already love looking back at old photos of themselves in all their chubby gappy toothedness.

Anyway, without any further ado, here’s my January entry.  And the next time the kids whinge about me taking pictures of them, I’m going to blame the new Siblings linky.


dear beautiful


12 thoughts on “Siblings – January

  1. Aww! They look so happy together! And if they winge just remind them that these are the photos they’ll treasure when they’re all grown up!

  2. This photo is GORGEOUS! I love how relaxed and happy they look together.
    I’m so glad to have you joining in. One of the reasons Siblings came about is because Me and Mine just isn’t for everyone, lots of bloggers have camera shy other halves, or don’t want to be in the photos themselves, or like you: just have normal length arms… 😉 But who doesn’t want an excuse to snap more pictures of their children? x

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