Happy Twixtmas

With Twixtmas upon us, and the New Year practically here, I have finally gained a moment to post something other than a Silent Sunday photograph.  I can only apologise (to myself, I know you lot are all busy too and haven’t noticed a thing) for the shockingly low level of blogging in the last month or two.  It has been down to a few technical hitches and glitches on the photo/computer front, and a silly lack of time.  The only thing I wanted for Christmas was a sit down in front of the telly, and even that has been scuppered since the monkeys got a Playstation game for Christmas, which they instantly became addicted to.  I would generally rather not watch the telly where the children are badly controlling the lightsabers, or small Lego characters are jumping off walls and fighting droids (you can see it all goes right over my head).  But at least it has given me this moment instead.

I am just flicking through the wonderful blank pages of my 2014 diary, breathing in that new paper smell and revelling in the thought that I am not yet run off my feet.  As blogging is a nice little secret I like to keep to myself (and just a few of you), and which keeps me feeling warm inside, I am hoping that my calm schedule for the new year promises a return to the headier days of hattydaze.  Some journalistic scoops? I think not. But certainly more photos of our beautiful world, and most likely a thought or two about who my favourite male vocalist is, or indeed my songs of the year…

Happy Twixtmas, dear reader (I don’t think you are plural anymore), do keep tuning in.  And an even happier 2014.



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