Zumba Master Class in Greenwich on 9th November 2013

Anyone who has seen me in the last few months might have noticed that I now speak possessively about ‘my Zumba’ and cancel all other engagements which try to come up on a Thursday night.

Thursday night for me now is Zumba night and I have had a spring (OK, a shimmy) in my step ever since I started the class at the Greenwich Dance Agency back in the summer.

I have never tried Zumba before but I can still say that my enjoyment of the class is 100% down to the instructor, Diorges Stevan.  He is bouncy and hilarious and he makes the classes so much fun, they absolutely whizz by.  OK, so sometimes we do dance to some dodgy music like Y.M.C.A. or Cotton Eyed Joe.  But we also dance (flail/jump about to) some properly Latin songs which (as you can imagine) I love.  And that’s alongside the belly dancing, the Bollywood numbers, the merengue and salsa etc etc – I mean Zumba is a fun bastardised mixture of everything.  And really you don’t need any finesse or to get the steps right, but you do need to give it a real good go and (most importantly) to shout loudly wherever possible.

When Diorges told us that he was organising a Zumba master class at the GDA in Greenwich, I knew I had to join in.  He has told us about them before, where loads of instructors come along, and lots of people join in, and it’s basically a high-energy, sweaty TWO HOUR ZUMBATHON to loud music.  What’s not to love?!  Anyway, the big day has drawn near and tomorrow (Saturday 9th November) it is actually happening.  I have therefore lined up a very special guest to join me in my very first guest post, to explain a bit about how he got into Zumba – and, I would urge, why you should.

Diorges, your turn.


“My name is Diorges Stevan, I’m Brazilian, 25 years old, a very happy enthusiastic person, who doesn’t like to be in a boring life, my days are very busy with many things happening all at once and loads of surprises also!

I used to work in a hairdressing salon, as an assistant stylist, and after work I used to go to a Brazilian bar where there was a samba class before the night club. I never wanted to take part in that class, but one day I decided to join and the teacher watched me dancing and she approached me after the class and asked if I could teach few classes for her while she was going on holiday. I said that I wasn’t an instructor but she insisted, so I did!

When she came back from her holiday, her class had tripled the amount of people! Because of that, she was amazed and she wanted to set up a class especially for me! I really liked the idea but I had no qualifications. So I decided to do a personal trainers course and, being in the gym the entire day, I end up joining in a Zumba class and that’s when I fell in love with it!

Today I have 5 classes that I teach regularly, and every week I cover others instructors so I do weekly around  8 to 10 classes!

Zumba is a fitness program designed in a way that everybody is able to do it.  Zumba is easy-to-follow, Latin inspired, and a dance fitness workout.  It’s a full body, cardio workout!

The songs are from all over the world, and we dance all styles like reggaeton, merengue, salsa, cumbia, samba, bollywood, belly dance, quebradita, flamenco, tango, burlesque, pop, and much more!

Zumba was created by a Colombian man called Alberto Perez (known as Beto), who accidentally forgot to bring his cd to his aerobics class, and who had to run back to his car to grab a tape with some latin music on it. He started the class with those steps but modifying them to make them easier to follow.

That was the beginning of Zumba.”


See you tomorrow from 12.30pm if you want to join in the Master Class.  Tickets on the door cost £16.  Hopefully I will be able to tell you the tale once I have recovered.

Contact Greenwich Dance Agency at their Facebook page here or find their details on their website here if you want to book up to do Zumba classes with Diorges next term.

Watch loads more videos of Zumba with Diorges on Youtube or on his Facebook page here.

With an enormous obrigada to Diorges for his post above (only tidied up a tiny bit, otherwise in his own words), and for the silly faces and different, fun routines every week.


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