Autumn berries and seeds

And just like that, all of a sudden, it was autumn.

We (amazingly) had a good summer and maybe thought it wouldn’t come for a while yet, but there it was again, and there we were again wondering what the hell we used to wear and where on earth we had hidden the gloves and jackets that still fit.

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons – and when I come to think about it I always write at this time of year, even back when my little blog was just a baby blogette and I wrote this.  And last November when autumn was in full flood I posted this, one of my favourite ever posts of the changing tree colours.

At the moment for me it is about the trees and hedges and their full variety of berries and seeds.  There are huge numbers of horse chestnut trees in this area which one hardly notices the rest of the year – I’m sure it’s the same around the UK – and I am struck by how enormous they are and how pregnant they are of conkers, getting ready to fall for our shining and gaming pleasure.  Also, the oak trees with their acorns, and the sweet chestnut trees with their prickly chestnut pods.  I haven’t seen many of the latter yet. I know there are rows of them in Greenwich Park, but are they due to fall yet?  And there are all manner of berries: I have definitely seen rowan berries, rose hips, elderberries, blackberries, apples.  I might even have seen loganberries or tayberries, mulberries or huckleberries, but I’m not swearing on any of it, in fact I think I’ve just made the last ones up.  I particularly realise how poor my berry knowledge is, but I am trying to learn, so do please educate in a comment if you know your berries!

At the moment everything is still growing, waiting to fall.  I am looking out for the day (these things do seem to happen on a certain day) when the conkers and acorns drop and the people start foraging for chestnuts.  I will be among them as there is nothing more joyous and nostalgic for me than eating roast chestnuts.  When the trees turn colour, I will definitely be there snapping again.  I wonder if the trees will be as beautiful this autumn as they were last.

To see any of the pictures in a larger size, just click on them (all taken on the old dog and bone in and around South East London).

Happy autumn.

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