Return of the RumBQ – Somerville Adventure Playground

After the success of the May bank holiday and the community coming out to party right there in the street (read and see more here), the Rumbq returned to New Cross last weekend but in a new setting, down the road at the Somerville Adventure Playground.

The new location gave the day quite a different flavour.  We were further away from residents so there seemed to be greater volume on the sound system (the gorgeous and orange Clementine): her covers kept going on and off due to the intermittent rain, and when they were on it was fun to watch them vibrate. I don’t think it was just me who was half imagining myself in 1970s New York, standing in an asphalt yard with street art on the walls behind me.  Also the lack of grass meant you couldn’t lounge under the trees (as we had done the last time in Telegraph Hill Park), plus there were the threatening rain showers which were less comfortable than the sunshine of the previous event.  Perhaps it’s just that different groups like to gather up the hill and down the hill.

But whatever the differences, this was still a fantastic community event, the food and the music was brilliant, and like last time we danced, from the babies to the grandparents.  We chomped on baked sweetcorn and jerk chicken made by the Allotment Boys, and my daughter cried proper tears when we tried to prise the rib bones from her some hours after she first started eating them.  And of course in a rumbq you have to have rum: delicious golden rum, served with fiery ginger beer and a wodge of lime.  Not that I drank any of those, or that if I had done they would have been very nice at all…

The B-girls came on bike, the bigger boys jostled to play football with my smaller boy, even the sexy hula hoop girl treated us to a display.  In the week when we ‘saved’ Lewisham Hospital, we cheered the firefighters who emerged from New Cross Fire Station next door, whose services have also been ‘saved’ in the last few weeks.

We are all indebted to the crew at Trinity London who gave up their time (in some cases, many many long hours of time JC!) to bring us this event for free.  Thank you to the mega line up on the day, the Allotment Boys for the food, street artist Zina and most especially Trinity London and the Somerville Adventure Playground.  I am sure there are others I don’t know about!  They all came together to do it for us!  Here are some photos to remember the day.  Click to enlarge!


4 thoughts on “Return of the RumBQ – Somerville Adventure Playground

      1. There’s an earlier photo of her when she was fully dressed. Check out the socks and the shoes. You will be impressed. If she comes out of the wood work through this post, I will pass your details on to her!

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