Heatwave (songs)

There’s a lull today so far but we are in the middle of a heatwave in the UK and it’s getting hotter again.  It’s such a rare occurrence to have ongoing warm days and particularly warm evenings that I’m daring the jinx factor and posting some hot songs for us all to enjoy.

Summer Madness (1974)

Many artists have sampled this one (most notably The Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff, which I am also partial to) but you don’t get better than the original jazz instrumental by Kool and the Gang.  I remember buying the 7″ of Get Down On It at my primary school fair (this is going back a bit) and surprisingly enough listening to the B-side.  Wow!  my young mind was blown!  It still sounds amazing to this day – and so different from its A-side and KATG’s other hits.

Summer Breeze (1974)

Have to say, I did deliberate here for a second as I do love the original version too.  Listen to the Seals and Croft version of Summer Breeze and see what you think – whole different vibe – but you have to give them props for writing it in the first place, especially as they released it in the magical year of 1972.

(Everybody loves the) Sunshine (1976)

In my opinion, Roy Ayers’ very best tune.  Can never hear this song enough.  Don’t tell me you disagree.

(Love is like a) Heat Wave (1963)

One of their first chart hits and my favourite.

Sun is Shining (1970)

You might prefer the remix.  I don’t.

In the Summertime (1970)

So it’s not of the same classic ilk as the songs above, but in case the superb quality of the soul and funk just got too much for you – here are some fantastic sideburns to give you a giggle.  And if facial hair and slightly ghoulish faces don’t make you laugh, then you might enjoy some of the comments.

How interesting.  All of the above were written in the ’60s and ’70s.  Was there more sun then or just better music?  Hmm.  Must return to this favourite topic.

This post is for all of my leonine friends and family who are celebrating their birthdays in the next 10 days, and for those who have just had theirs.  My personal prediction is that my birthday is going to be the hottest.

Keep cool and happy in the warm weather by listening to these tunes and sharing with your nearest and dearest.


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