Afro & bubbles

To say I can’t cope with my daughter’s hair is an understatement.

To avoid me having to touch it and unleash the screaming banshees, my mum with her infinite wisdom and patience takes Lydia into the local black barber’s every 4/5 weeks to get Lydia’s hair braided.

This time, though, Lydia didn’t feel like sitting there for over 2 hours.  She decided to forgo the replaiting of the cornrows and let it all out.

It’s already proving unfeasible for the long term (all that brushing, all that hair product, all that pain!), so I thought I’d better capture the beautiful hair while it was still out.

Usually it’s ‘Mummy I wish I had hair like yours’.  At the moment, while it remains bouncy, it’s great to see her looking so happy with her full natural afro and making a real effort to brush it herself.  So far.

Oh, and then she blew some bubbles.

Follically challenged people (and those without big bubble wands), you might want to turn away now.



IMG_6620 cropped

IMG_6619 FB crop


16 thoughts on “Afro & bubbles

  1. Her hair and her look amazing.
    Can sympathise as I have always wanted straighter hair especially in the 80’s when everyone had a wedge!
    My nickname is school was hair bear as no one knew about dealing with a white fro and combed mine with one of those silver fine tooth combs !
    She be able to manage it a lot better as she grows
    And however she decides to wear it it will look Georgia’s I’m sure

    1. Ha ha! I’ve tried calling both kids the hair bear bunch but they didn’t laugh!
      I keep trying to say she will be happy in time – after all, I have always wanted curly hair!
      Thanks for your nice comments

  2. Tell Lydia that her cousin has the same hair although hers is not shaped as well as Lydia’s. She will grow to love her hair, be patient, Amelia does and I no longer have to plait it (thank the Lord), as she just puts it in a bun and off she goes. 🙂

    1. Thanks Auntie Sarah, we are trying hard to be patient! I am so pleased that Amelia has grown to love hers! Can’t wait for those no hassle days when she can put it in a bun herself 🙂

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