Singapore 4: food and Chinatown

So it’s taken a while to get myself together and Singapore is a distant memory now.  But I can’t leave my tale incomplete and, as promised, here are my photographs on the theme of food.  Warning! – I am no food blogger!  This post is only subtly linked around the subject of food and places where we ate it…

If you’ve missed my other ‘F’s of Singapore and are interested in the rest of the story, just type ‘Singapore’ into the Search box and lo! and behold! you will find posts 1, 2 and 3.

Singapore is all about food, and more than just any usual holiday destination is.  There are food courts in every mall and hawker markets in many districts.

Tiong Bahru hawker market and surrounding area

The first hawker market I went to is a bit of a special one, first built in 1955.  We were taken to Tiong Bahru Market by my brother and sister-in-law to try local food at cheap prices.  As well as finding yummy, fresh food there, I found it extremely photogenic, as is the surrounding area.  Pre- World War II, only the upper class could afford to live here. It was also known as Mei Ren Wo (‘Den of Beauties’ in Mandarin) as this is where the rich kept their mistresses.  Since 2003, the desirable ‘shop houses’ have been preserved for conservation.

Don’t forget, you can see the full photograph if you click onto it.

People’s Park and Chinatown

We ate at another popular food market, People’s Park, before exploring Chinatown.  Although it’s not strictly on the food theme, you can still see pictures of food almost everywhere.  In Chinatown you will find Mosque Street, Pagoda Street and Temple Street.  This gives a clue to the diversity and religious tolerance of Singapore, and the city blocks are visible high behind the gopuram (entrance tower) of the ancient Hindu Sri Mariamman Temple.  Outside the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple were offerings to somebody (some god? nobody was sure which festival this was): bright and pristine-looking food stretched along each side of the temple on long tables.  Plus I enjoyed spotting the ubiquitous red lanterns.

And other food

And then there’s all the other food we saw and ate everywhere.  Noodles, Hainanese chicken rice, sushi, bright pink dragon fruit, freshly squeezed juices of every fruit you could desire.  You could eat at our nearest food court for weeks on end and not eat the same thing twice:  Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Indian cuisine, as well as all the usual American and European food.  And I thought I had variety living in London.


My story of Singapore ends here.  That is, it started out as a story which I thought would begin and end – a once in a lifetime trip.  However, the more I think about it as I reflect over my favourite photos of the thousand which I took – I definitely didn’t see everything.  I might need to go back some day.


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