You are 2 today!

Today I celebrate the random words, photos and music that make up the hattydaze blog:  2 years old today!

I seem to be constantly wishing for more time in the day.  Because there’s too much to do at work, because I can’t keep on top of the washing (especially if I dare to go out of an evening). Because the kids have their homework and their own social lives.  No wonder it has taken me years to find a small slot for exercise – and so far I’ve only done one (hilarious) zumba class.

But my other extra time in the day would be spent getting a few more of those posts completed that are half written, barely imagined or just generally swimming around in my head.

Blogging for me has to take a back seat.  But, neglected as it sometimes feels, I do still love keeping the blog.  I still get a thrill when somebody I know either really well or hardly at all mentions something that they have enjoyed on here.  I know it is a tiny fish in the most humungous ocean of blogs, so to find anybody who ever reads anything (not just clicking onto it by mistake, or spamming it with nonsense) is an absolute delight.

Obviously there are days and weeks when you are not sure why you are doing it – other people (close to home) who don’t appreciate it.  Needless to say, having my best ever day in terms of views recently reminded me just how thrilling it is when you get all those visitors popping by, and that kept me all buoyed up about keeping it going.  Now that the stats have gone back down to normal I have returned to my normal sensible state too.  I have remembered that this is not about reaching everyone, it’s about reaching anyone.  It’s also a lot of fun and, funnily enough, even teaches me a thing or two.

Big thanks to all of you who dropped in throughout my first two years, especially if you came by more than once, or shared the love to anyone else.

Don’t forget, you can subscribe, and then you would see every single post!

Here’s to one or two or a few more years.  Hope you keep on keeping on.

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