Street Party in Telegraph Hill Park


Wow!  In all my years here, I have never seen or experienced anything like this.  What an amazing afternoon we had yesterday in (and out of) the park.  People (including us) actually dancing in the streets in SE14 😀

For a change the weather did more than behave, it actually excelled, and the sun and warm weather turned the event  into what it was supposed to be the first time (when it was postponed due to rubbish weather) – a fun, relaxed, family bank holiday in the park listening to reggae tunes from a gorgeous sound system (but not turned up too loud) whilst drinking rum and eating bbq.  Just like a proper street party!  Without the sun it would have been lovely.  With the sun and the warmth, it made it into something quite special.

A good section of the community turned up, of all age groups, and it was great hanging out with so many local friends, enjoying themselves whilst the kids dashed to and from the play areas.  Even the students turned out in their droves (although we oldies had to show them how to party).

It was great to take our living room discos outside, too.  Time to show off the moves to the world.  You can see lots of pictures of my son enjoying himself dancing with his dad on the ‘dancefloor’ (er street).  He had a fab time.  More please!

Big thanks from all of us who got to enjoy ourselves to everybody involved in putting on the event, including Jean-Claude Lionbeat, Unit 137 sound system and all the djs, the Hill Station and all the local helpers and residents.  Did I hear right that this will happen again on 7th July for the skate day?  If so, everybody in the area must mark your diaries, and to the weather fairies – please do your thing again!

It’s had a hard week, but this was just a happy and peaceful reminder that South East London is the only place to live.

To see any of the photos in full, just click…

And here is the official video of the event made by organisers Trinity London.  Join them at their Facebook page at this link.  Here’s to the next one!



17 thoughts on “Street Party in Telegraph Hill Park

  1. Reblogged this on Mothers' Ruin and commented:
    Mothers (and fathers and others) were all getting ruined in Telegraph Hill this weekend for the fab RumBQ 🙂
    Plans were also being hatched for the next Mothers’/Fathers’/Summer Ruin – so watch this space – you will be the first to know.

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