Singapore 3: fauna

Casting your mind back to where we were a few weeks ago (do refresh your memory with this post and this one if I’ve lost you), I promised to tell you all about the fauna in Singapore, and I’m not about to break a promise.

You will find that many of the photos below are of animals and wildlife that are not native to Singapore.  For some reason, Singapore has the most fantastic Zoo and Night Safari Park, Bird Park and (world’s largest) Aquarium, and I wanted to share some of my snaps with you.  I am no expert so I will spare you an essay about animals.  If you wanted to know about the fauna native to Singapore, you would be better to search a ‘proper’ website such as Flora Fauna Web.

Singapore Zoo

Jurong Bird Park

SEA Aquarium, Resorts World Sentosa

Out with about with wild lizards and snakes and other pets

To find out more, see Jurong Bird ParkSingapore Zoo and SEA Aquarium at Sentosa.


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