On my way home

Was it the same everywhere?  During the last week, round here, it felt like all of the trees came out in blossom at the same time.

I wrote this post back in March about doing a London based version of the ancient Japanese ‘hanami’ tradition; how I wanted to sit by the cherry trees which had blossomed at the end of my road with a picnic and a beer.  Of course I did not get to do the hanami as on some days the dropping blossom was in fact snow; furthermore, back then in the dark days it was grey skies and still winter and the photos I took did not do the beautiful trees justice.   I feel this keenly just now as that post from March is yielding all sorts of visitors who are looking for good places to view cherry blossom in London.  I would imagine it is putting them all off South London – the exact opposite effect to the one intended.

Those trees in Drakefell Road have lost their blossom now, and their leaves are all dark and coppery.  Meanwhile elsewhere, trees, bushes and shrubs have gone absolutely mad.  I heard a rumour that this was because of the persistent cold weather, and that the late arrival of spring means that everything is coming out at once.  I’m not sure if this is true or just common sense – at least I did find Alan Titchmarsh saying something similar here in the Guardian this Wednesday.

Anyhow, my drive home from work keeps taking me ages, when I am not in a rush to get home that is.  Without the kids to stop me (“Mum, you’re not stopping to take pictures again”), I must admit to stopping a few times last week to park on the road, get out and wander about, to not lose the gorgeous evenings at that time of day.  Better that than the time I almost swerved into another car when my mind was on a fantastic magnolia tree by the side of the road.

What’s more, unlike the artifically created weather domes in Singapore which I admired so recently (read more in a recent post here), all of these photos show English nature in its varied and most colourful forms.  And I don’t even live in the countryside.

How about you, have you seen some lovely natural sights this week?  Taken any pictures of blossom or trees?

Photos all taken in Dulwich, Brenchley Gardens and Brockley.  Click onto the image to see the full photo, and enjoy.

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