Singapore 2: flora

For anyone not fully tuned in to the blog (see me after the class), I am into part 2 of my story of my recent big trip to Singapore.  You can read more about part 1 here or I can summarise by saying that Singapore for me was about the four ‘F’s:  family, flora, fauna and food.  Today, photos of the second F, flora (and I’m not meaning my ‘godless’ child Flora but she really ought to feature in a later post since she is also quite fabulous).

I surprised myself by how much I loved the climate in Singapore.  I thought the humidity would feel opressive to me, who can’t bear a sauna or gets prickly heat by looking at a hot shower.  Instead, possibly after such a long and cold winter in England, I adored being able to walk out at any time without a second layer of clothing on.  I even got used to pulling on shorts every day – and these pins never usually get an outing in the actual flesh.  The rain came daily and I loved to watch it approach. The temperature remained constant – in fact, it barely changes throughout the year.

There is not much actual rainforest left, what with all the urbanisation of Singapore, but we did visit the one main nature reserve which is left, the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.  What I marvelled in was the amazing vegetation which you saw everywhere, on every street and in every park and garden.  I love the plant life which you find in the UK;  I was gobsmacked by the different plant life which I saw in Singapore.  The wild bananas, the canonball trees, the new bright red growth on the bamboo trees, my new favourite trees the frangipani, and all colours of orchids.  Leaves were enormous and you could practically imagine the growth overnight.

We spent a lovely Sunday morning at the Botanic Gardens, which is the only botanic garden in the world that opens from 5 a.m. to 12 midnight every single day of the year, and was one of my favourite spots of the holiday.  I took lots of pictures there…

In the Marina Bay area, Gardens by the Bay is an enormous park made up of three main gardens which you could take months to explore.  It has two undercover domes, the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest.  I had a lovely time in the Cloud Forest, the conservatory whose climate is like a tropical mountain and whose plants cover the structure from the top of the ‘mountain’ to the bottom.  You enter past the huge waterfall, take the lift to the top and descend via the winding downward path, enjoying the plants as you go.

In these gardens, too, are the Supertrees.  You will recognise them if you get as far the pictures of them – like trees but superer.

Some of these pictures were taken at the zoo (more about the zoo next time) and the bird park (ditto).  And then there were just the normal everyday huge and fantastic flowers which we saw around us every day, but which I don’t think I would ever get used to seeing every day.  I just couldn’t stop staring – and snapping.

I’m afraid I don’t know the name of everything I photographed, but if you are curious about anything do drop me a comment, and I will do some more botanical Googling.  Some are just pretty views.  Whichever way, I hope you enjoy.  If not, tune in soon as you may find you’re more of a Fauna type of person.

Botanic Gardens

Gardens by the Bay

On every street


9 thoughts on “Singapore 2: flora

  1. Lovely pics, Hat! Looks so beautiful and a bit surreal.
    Btw, if you fancy more flora and can face handing out leaflets for a bit, let me know as last time I spoke to her Jinny was looking for volunteer helpers at Chelsea. I’m thinking of going myself. Could be fun…

    1. Thank you for the lovely comments and for looking at so many pics! I always fancy more flora, and have always wanted to go to Chelsea – problem is when work gets in the way. Will email x

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