Singapore 1: family

My big brothers and I recently celebrated my mother’s fabulousness and her turning 70 by meeting up in Singapore – as you do.  If you don’t know about said fabulousness, you might want to read about it here.  If you want to hear about what happened, you should read on here.

Rewind two weeks, when the two of us who are London-based grabbed our children, our cameras and not forgetting our mother and dashed onto a plane.  When we got off the other end we found our brother who lives over there with his family (right down to the hamster).  We were also joined by some special bonus family members, my Uncle and Aunt who had travelled from San Francisco to join in the reunion.

Now we were 12 (not including the pets).  It had been an awful long time since we had all been in the same place.

The trip for me was all about the four ‘F’s:  family, flora, fauna and of course food.  I took a stupid amount of photographs as I don’t know when I will ever do this trip again, and if I do it is unlikely to be with so many other family members at the same time.  I have deleted and edited and pruned and got rid.  Now here are some edited highlights of the 1st F: family.  Note that if you don’t know us, this is possibly a bit overkill on the family snaps, so you might want to wait for post number two.  As I said above, we really don’t get together EVER, so this seemed a good place to record the good memories.

For anyone that sticks around for the show, see if you can make out the family resemblance.

For anyone who can’t stomach it, maybe come back for Part 2 of the story?  Singapore is literally made up of the most amazing flora…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Last note on the photos:  I took most of them; the ones I’m in were taken by Phil, and then there’s a couple which were taken by random passers by.


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