Happy Birthday to a very special person (she doesn’t look it)

Today is the birthday of a very special person.


She would do anything for her children (3 of them) and more than that for her grandchildren (5).  She goes to all lengths to look after her pets (4 of them).

You only mention something you needed or wanted and she’s bought one for you.

Battery gone?  She’s replaced it for you.

Something broken?  She’s repaired it for you.

Flat pack cot in 60 pieces needs putting up?  She will buy the tools and do it, singlehandedly, even if it takes hours.

My loyalest reader on this very blog, she so enjoyed this post I wrote that she turned our name for her into a pseudo-blend (MBO) which has lasted ever since.  She comments and tweets and texts almost as much as I do.

She was the one who told me about the metallic/crackle (etc) trends in nails and she embraced the ring finger before I had even heard of it (that sounds rude, but if you’re not down with the nail crowd it means painting the ring finger with a different colour nail polish from the other nails).  She taught me about skincare and keeps me up to date with cool make up brands like Smashbox.

She is the one with the tattoo.

We actually do have some clothes and jewellery the same!

And still she optimistically tries to instruct me in how to run a home (one day when I grow up I hope to be a bit more like her).

This person is so special that for her birthday we have decided to go on a family holiday to reunite the 3 siblings and 5 grandchildren for the first time in quite a long time.  A week today and we’ll be off to Singapore (oh ok then, this is not an entirely selfless gesture.  Don’t pity us when we leave behind the blizzards and get a little warmth on our faces as we dive into the nearest swimming pool).

No but seriously, this holiday is to celebrate the 70th birthday of the most fabulous person we know.  70?  She doesn’t look it!

Happy birthday to the specialest person I know, my fabulous mother Mumbo.



12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to a very special person (she doesn’t look it)

  1. Ahh Hilary, wishing you a very Happy Birthday! Hat, you’ve bought a little sentimental tear to my eye, lovely post for a wonderful Mum xxx
    Love Beccy xx

  2. awww this is a lovely post and such a #magicmoment to get to spend some quality time together on holiday (i am so super jealous that you have escaped the foul weather) thanks for linking up x

    1. Thank you – yes she did, I posted on Facebook and she got lots of happy birthdays from everyone that way! We are now in Singapore on the very holiday!

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