Cold as Ice: extreme weather in music

The weather has gone mad.  Spring is trying to spring yet it’s freezing, sleeting, hailing and snowing.  And the wind.  More is forecast up until Easter.  Hence my choice of music.

You’ll have to forgive my first choice as I know we are over a week until April but, well, Prince says it best and this year it really could come true.  Basically this post is written around this one song, and is an excuse to post one of my favourite Prince songs, off the generally brilliant album Parade.  It obviously has copyright issues so you can’t watch Prince sing it, but you can hear him sing it if you go to this link:

Prince Sometimes it Snows in April

The (to me and her die-hard fans) ever wonderful Kate Bush wrote her whole album 50 Words for Snow all about snow.  It is a sublime winter album, and I could have chosen many songs from it.  Here is Snowflake:

Jim Morrison knew a bit about storms.

You get some great rainy, romantic songs from the 70s, which generally include the sound of rain raining.  How about these two for instance:

I can’t choose between the original Foreigner song and the super bass-y sampled hip hop tune by M.O.P. so here we have both (parents be advised, the language in the latter might turn the air a bit blue).  Don’t all choose the first one as your favourite!

Patrick Swayze (RIP) was a better dancer than singer but I don’t think I’m alone (at least in female circles of a certain age) in liking this one – we might just not all admit it in public:

But not to end on a weepy note, get up and start running with me to the Darude guilty pleasure of Sandstorm.  Did anyone watch this one to the end?  What on earth are they running from?

I hope you do not get too adversely affected by this weather.  Stay inside if you can, wrap up warm and get the hi fi on.  If you find some good extreme weather songs, please comment here, but I will not post It’s Raining Men!


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