This Is My Jam


This Is My Jam (hattydaze)

So what is this all about?  Try clicking on the link above.  See what it means to you, if anything.

Don’t be too alarmed by what you might find in there.  It shows a random song I like at the moment (with its video, although it’s rare that I like the video, this week’s included!), along with my Jam History, which is a pretty random collection of songs that I have liked in weeks gone past.  If you hate the current ‘jam’, don’t panic, it only reveals a tiny bit of the sort of thing that I like.  Although when I start talking about the type of music I like, I always get into a muddle.  It’s a tricky one, isn’t it?

I guess as you scroll down into the Jam History, this might give you more of an idea of the stuff I like, but only if you keep looking for some weeks…

This Is My Jam (home page) is a place to share your current favourite jam – only one at a time but you could change it every day.  Otherwise the site prompts you to change it once a week, but it’s up to you.  You can follow other people, ‘like’ other people’s jams, other people can follow you.  You get the picture.  Or do you?  I have 2 followers (thanks, Blake!  the other of whom is a musician trying to plug his work – I think) and I only follow 3 people (hi Blake!), so I wouldn’t say I’m a veteran here, or that my taste is respected by anyone.  But I like the idea of it and I am going to see what happens with it.  You might like to join in too if you don’t already..?  I’d love to find some more people I know on here – but I am getting used to the way that TIMJ leads you to explore more through the jams which you find, rather than through the people who you know already.

It also belongs as an app within Spotify.  That means it is easy to listen to playlists of your own jams or jams which you have liked (as long as they can be found within Spotify).

Just to clear things up, This Is My Jam is not talking about the type of jam which features in the parody page (below) but you might prefer that version if you like your toast with a particular conserve on it:

This Is My Jam (like, really jam)

So what’s the verdict?  Do you think this is another pointless ‘sharing’ gimmick or a worthwhile way of getting to hear new/old music?


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