Curly haired birthday boy

lyd let

It’s the eve of our darling boy Manny’s 6th birthday. 6!  I found this note in the kids’ bedroom last night, written by his sister, and it sort of sums it up.  Especially the pictures 🙂

Except of course I could talk about Manny for ever and a day!  (Don’t worry, I won’t).

Manny is not just gorgeous on the outside, he is most gorgeous on the inside.  My favourite example from this week was when Manny offered to lend me £20 of his own money so that I could buy us all fish and chips (sad, isn’t it? this pay day really is a long time in coming).  Then when I found I had enough cash after all, he said Don’t worry Mummy, keep the money anyway.

Manny, darling curly haired boy, we are so glad you are ours.  Happy birthday.  Now I’m just off to wrap up your dinosaur.

22 thoughts on “Curly haired birthday boy

  1. Kids can be so cute at times – wonderful little letter from his sister and what a lovely heart he has! Happy Birthday to your boy 🙂 Found you over at #magicmoments

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